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End of WarWritten in clear compelling prose, Bill Freeman explores the possibilities of a world of lasting peace.

“To eliminate war we have to establish and strengthen the multilateral world.  The days of empire are finished and multilateralism is the natural outcome of our economic, political and social development.  No single country has the political or military power to impose its imperial will on the peoples or nations of the world.  War will not disappear by accident or miraculously wither away.  It will end when we eliminate poverty, discrimination and domination and build new organizations and practices that support political rights, sustainable economic development and the toleration of minorities.”

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A Note from Bill Freeman

Whether I write fiction for young people, theatrical plays, adult non-fiction, documentary film scripts, dialogue for children’s television shows or educational videos, I struggle to make issues come alive in a way that is true to the time and the people.

I describe the Bains Series of books, written for young audiences, as the “real history” of Canada.  These are adventure stories featuring ordinary kids in the 1870s who work in logging camps, fishing outports, railways and farms, just like the children of this period.

My non-fiction books follow a similar theme.  They describe people involved in community groups and unions.  Often the books provide the background to the growth and development of cities and industries.  These are not books about the rich and famous.  They are about people building their communities or creating organizations that will improve their lives.

I am interested in people and how conflict around work, community and politics shapes how they live.  My books, in fact, reflect my own life because, like millions of Canadians, I have struggled to shape the communities where I have lived and the places where I have worked. 

Today I live on Toronto Island – A Magical Place – as I call it in one of my books.  The Island lifestyle, of a close-knit community where people work to strengthen relationships and the quality of their lives, has influenced my work.  People, work, community – these are the essential elements of my writing.

I devote myself to writing full-time. As well as a variety of community activities, I am active with  The Writers’ Union of Canada, and for many years I have been a judge of literary awards for Ontario high school students sponsored by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation.



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